To a fisherman, the sizzle of a fish burning line off a reel is the most exciting sound in the world. And from glistening mahi-mahi-mahi slashing at a lure trolled over the deep blue to those silver streaks of lightning known as bonefish zipping across sandy flats, Exuma offers year-round fishing thrills. 

Whether you’re into bonefishing, fly fishing, or deep sea fishing, we can meet your needs.  

As our cats sail to the next port, lines are set, ready to bring in the fresh catch of the day: tuna, mackeral, snapper, and mahi-mahi-mahi.

Fishermen are an obsessive lot, willing to travel the world in search of the ultimate angling experiences. There is one fish that tops the list of the most sought after – the bonefish.

The bonefish are the ghost of the flats.

If you want to bonefish in the Exuma Cays where our cats go, we will drop you on the flast to bonefish with the tide. 

If it’s the outback of Exuma you want, we will arrange for you to bondfish with the best of Exuma – Bonefish Steve.  Steve ranks atop the Who’s Who in bonefishing records.

For further information contact your charter broker to book.  Search for a yacht charter broker on the internet. Ask for Swish or Rubicon in the Exumas, Bahamas.

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