Some of the best snorkeling sites around Exuma are found close to shore, but without the guidance of someone who knows the area they are easy to miss. As your guide, we take you out to our favorite snorkeling spots.  We have gear to fit all sizes so you’re all set to go under.

Looking into the blue water, you will be spellbound by the unfamiliar world below. Rows upon rows of swirly brain coral line the ocean floor, rainbow hued creatures like angelfish and blue tangs gracefully sail by, enormous purple sea fans wave in the currents, and every now and then a ray will wing by.


A favorite visiors to the reef are the sea turtle and crayfish. We teach you how to fin below to look into coral caves and the mouths of blue holes.  As your guide, you are in safe hands.  

We have been free-diving these waters for forty years. The secret spots are known only to us.

If you are a shell collector, we guide you in finding the queen conch.  Not only are they great tasting but the shells are adorned in vibrant hues of pink and yellow.

cave staniel

Conch is a favorite delicacy in the Bahamas.  The queen conch are prolific in the islands.  Many islanders prefer the conch over fish and lobster.

Other popular snorkeling sites are David Copperfields underwater grand piano, the Mystery Cave Blue Hole, Fowey Rocks, the Rudder Cut drift dive, and a host of others.


Next thing you know, you’ll be gazing down on a trumpet fish gliding through the water, a spiky lionfish camouflaged between rocks, and a shy angel fish. 

Out there, it’ll feel like time is standing still. You can float for hours, watching the sea critters fin by. As your guides, we keep a sharp eye our for unwanted visitors just so you can relax and take in the show.  

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