ITINERARY: Georgetown–Georgetown

GEORGETOWN TO GEORGETOWN––our most popular itinerary.  Itineraries canchange at the whim of your party, here’s a suggestion.

GEORGETOWN TO STANIEL CAY––a popular itinerary with less sailing.

Sarah and Dolphin

                                                                                          Swimming with Nikki.

DAY 1:

Fly directly to Georgetown, Great Exuma (International Airport code: GTT) and join FREEBIRD or RUBICON in Elizabeth Harbor. After a welcome cocktail with your crew, Peter & Tina or Adam & Sarah, you can dive right in and snorkel the famous Mystery Cave once dove by the infamous Jacques Costeau. Afterwards, dinghy 2 minutes to feed the stingrays on Stocking Island and feast on fresh conch salad, a delicacy of the Bahamas. Meanwhile, we maintain a sharp lookout for the resident dolphin, Nikki. Very often she is nearby, eager for new playmates. Jump right in and swim with Nikki the dolphin. She'll swim close enough for you to film with our underwater videocamera. Join beach volleyball on Stocking Island with fellow sailors. Ride the surf on Stocking Island. Kiteboard at Mariah Harbor.  Dine under the stars on grilled lobster and freshly baked bread. 

Dolphin Eye

                                                                                          Nikki checking us out.

DAY 2:

Awake to a leisurely breakfast and set sail north through the Exumas to Cave Cay. Experience an invigorating sail on FREEBIRD or RUBICON. Take a turn at the helm, participate in trimming the sails, or sit back and relax as your captain and crew handle it all.  Handle the fishing rods or watch as your captain reels in catch of the day.  Arrive at Rat Cay and tuck into a clam and secluded anchorage. Jump in the dinghy and to drift dive the cut, holding onto the dinghy as it drifts across a reef in the cut, studded with purple gorgonias (sea fans) and neon-orange brain corals. Look for big groupers, snapper and gorgeous leopard rays.  Set sail on beautiful Exuma Sound, enjoying winding around stunning cays through turquoise waterways. Anchor at Farmers Cay.  Explore Oven Rock Cave where pirates once hid their loot.  Walk along the beach to the local cafe to meet raconteurs of the island.  Bahamians are very friendly and love to laugh.                                                                                          

DAY 3:

Begin the morning with Tina or her son, Adam (certified yoga specialist) in a session of yoga on the beach. Swim back to the boat or kayak around the quiet harbor, keeping a eye out for osprey fish hawks, and great herons. Enjoy another fast sail north to Staniel Cay. Explore the charming out-island settlement with its lively yacht club. Watch shark being hand fed chum at marina. Jump in to swim with the nurse sharks if you dare, as nurse sharks don't have teeth being bottom feeders.  Dive into the stunning waters and snorkel the famous Thunderball Grotto, an underwater cave filled with colorful schoolmasters. Visit Pig Beach to feed the funny characters, the swimming pigs. Dine at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club to meet the locals and hear how the former drug trade effected the island back in the 1980’s.

Pig Beach

Pig Beach

DAY 4:

Awake for a leisurely breakfast in the cockpit.  Sail on to Warderick Wells, the headquarters for the  Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.  Explore the 4 miles of trails on this protected cay, filled with gorgeous views of the cays and turquoise waters of Exuma Sound.  Climb to Boo Hill, keeping a lookout for the stunning white-tailed tropicbird that nests in the bush. Watch for the resident iguana. Snorkel and free-dive the vibrant coral reefs, crowded with big groupers that are curious and friendly. Explore mangrove channels by kayak or dinghy while looking for turtles.  Walk to Park Headquarters at sundown to meet other international sailors from all parts of the globe on the Park Ranger's porch. The view will leave you in a peaceful state of wonder.  Dine on fresh fish beneath a vault of glistening stars.

Turtle Face

Hawksbill Turtle

DAY 5:

Sail north through the scenic Pipe Creek channels, like turquoise-emerald ribbons on waterways. Explore Rachel's Bubble Bath, a natural shallow whirlpool that changes magically with the tides. The lagoon is surrounded by high rocks, which are great to climb and see the views from a high vantage point. Hike around the island of Compass Cay: look for nesting seabirds, glass fishing balls and shells along the Crescent Beach.  Feed the sharks, and dare to swim with the sharks; the nurse sharks don't have teeth and are accustomed to swimmers.  Kayak to the Rocky Dundas Caves to snorkel the chambers.

sharks feeding

                                                                                              Tame nurse sharks.

DAY 6:

Sail south to Sampson Cay while lounging on the trampolines, feasting on fresh conch salad and home baked bread right out of the oven along the way. Drift dive Sampson Cut while holding on to the dinghy. Be overwhelmed by the beauty beneath you as jewfish, eagle rays and giant jacks fin by amongst purple gorgonias. After the cut, free-dive and snorkel for sand dollars and queen conch. Learn how to extract the conch. Dine on conch fritters for horderves while listing exotic fish seen, referencing them from our field guides. Sail south to Farmers Cay. Walk the pretty beach into town to enjoy a traditional Bahamian meal in the quaint cafe.

Family snorkelin

                                                                                   Dinghy tow over reef and wreck.

DAY 7:

Sail south to Georgetown, Great Exuma on an exciting sail.  Look for the resident dolphin in Elizabeth Harbor.  Hike the beautiful, long beach of Stocking Island for exotic shells and sea glassFree-dive and snorkel in the Tongue of the Ocean,spearfishing lobsters and groupers.  Dine on the beach next to a bonfire, enjoying a meal of your freshly caught fish grilled over the fire.  Relax in chairs beneath the big sky and know that you'll be back again!     


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