Admiralty Bay is marvelous. You can linger here forever.  The people are terrific, hikes to the oceanside beach are easy and fun, swimming is good.  Just be cautious about dengue fever.  Unfortunately, we were unaware of this tropical disease.  The boys caught it while throwing rocks at mangoes alongside a river, rampant with mosquitoes.  It was two weeks before we could move on due to their fevers and rashes.  Many sailors contractd the disease.  It’s not pleasant. Still, everyone loves Bequia! Stay away from rivers though!


This island boy is tossing a cast net to catch fish for dinner.  He was a delight to watch.

Alongside the wharf, large wooden sailing ferries crowded the harbor.  Visit them at sunset and take in the busy activity of unloading island products.


A narrow two-lane footpath leads to the oceanside beach.  Be cautious as the waters often rage with whirling currents.  Many tourists have subsequently died.  We wouldn’t let the kids swim here unless it was a light wind day. We tested the waters before letting them enter with boogie-boards.