The old rainforest in Dominica 


An islander drove us upriver to view the foliage and birds. 

“Look, a monkey!” he shouted.

We looked up into a treetop to see a child’s stuffed monkey and laughed uproariously.  You have to admit, the people have a great sense of humor!

Dominican Trade Union, still operating today.


A hike in the forest took is by a pretty blue house where a woman sat weaving straw on the porch.


Trafalger Falls

These famous twin waterfalls are a 20-minute drive from Roseau. It's a short 10 to 15 minute walk along a well-maintained path.  Warm springs flow across the trail, making for a very intersting trek. 

The more daring can continue on to swim in the refreshing waters of the smaller waterfall or find the hot springs of the tallest fall.

We lingered here for most of the day, delving into our picnic lunches, and napping.

heliconia flower

My favorite flower, the heliconia, growing abundantly in the rainforests.


Roseau at base of mountain hike.