Dominican Republic


El Salto del Limón Waterfall is an awe-inspiring trip.  From Samana, we took the motorchoncho, a three-wheeled motorcycle with an enclosed cab that seats four people comfortably. It’s pretty impressive how these little machines powered up hills and roared down skinny roadways. A great adventure in itself!

The hike wanders through a lush rainforest alongside a brown river and is festooned with tropical flowers the size of basketballs.  Horses are available if you prefer to ride along the nature trail. The cabarellos are slow so even our young ones could handle their ride.  

boys -DR

A hike into town to the Farmers Market lends us the opportunity to chat with two boys on donkeys who are transporting goods.


Sailboat racing in Samana Bay. Adam and Wareen crafted the boats themselves when back in the Bahamas for Regatta.


A later time, we visited the El Salto Falls again with sailing friends.  This time, the boys climbed the falls, using carved footsteps in the rocky surface.


Moto-concho squeezing all four of us in for the ride to the falls.


These little fellas crowded roots of mangroves where we sought shelter from a hurricane in a Los Haitises National Park, a national park located on the remote northeast coast of the Dominican Republic that was established in 1976.


Pictographs in the Los Haitises National Park.



Los Hiastias National Park, a wonderlan of beauty. Think Jurassic Park and you’re there!

We journeyed up a river to tie off to mangrove roots during a hurricane.  Yachts that remained in Samana Bay didn’t make it.

Hike to the El Salto falls with our Schipperke little black dog, a Belguim barge dog and excellent watchdog.


Look out for the active humpback whales during spring mating season off the northeast coast and Samana Bay.  The males lob, dive, rolling in the surf, and spouting. Don’t worry! They are curious mammals but not dangerous.  

Get your camera ready!

Sperm-WhaleIMG 0360

Unlit fishermen fish at night, making for an active dogwatch at 2am!

Many times, we overan their wayward polyurethane nets, often at night. Peter had to dive overboard to cut them away. We pulled them aboard to dispose of later ashore.


The boys took the bus to the northern shore to kiteboard over the weekend.


Orange merchant.