There is no greater adventure than getting to a waterfall in Grenada. Annandale Falls is a short drive from the capital city of St Georges. If you’re nervous about hiking, Annandale has a paved pathway and is perfect for rock hopping and picnicking. For those who enjoy discovering hidden treasures and are game for a trek that reveals the beauty spots of our island, try Concord, Mount Carmel and Seven Sisters Waterfalls. We recommend you take a guide, start the day early and bring suitable hiking shoes and most definitely swimwear – the water will surely cool you down after a stimulating trek!


Downtown St Georges is a great way to watch the wooden sailing ships ply their trade in the evenings and early morning.

We made frequent bus trips into St Georges to shop at the Farmers’ Market. It was always an adventure, roaring along cliffside narrow roads en route to the north end of the island from Prickly Bay.


Emerald Pool is a wonderful place to visit while in Grenada. It's d a gorgeous walk to the falls with beautiful rain forest to take in on the way. The pool isn't huge and one must be careful getting into and moving around in the pool. The ripples make it challenging to clearly see the shape of the rocks and some could easily throw an ankle so take your time. 

The water is very refreshing and the setting is simply stunning. It won't take you too much time to enjoy this as the walk is rather short and you won't spend too much time at the pool. 


Look out for the mona monkeys in the National Parks! If you pack bannanas in your backpack, they will find them!

Our sons stand with their buddies in St. Georges who crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the maiden voyage of Scud.  Their story is chronicled in my memoir: Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa, winner of the IPPY Nonfiction Book Award.


Time to party with my cruising girlfriends in St. Georges!


Cruising friends sailing during Regatta.


Regatta fun events: slippery pole walking.

Seven Sisters Falls

We took a trip Seven Sisters Waterfall, known for the succession of seven falls. Also called St. Margaret Falls, they are located in heart of Grand Etang National Rainforest.

The trail is bordered by a river and festooned with bannana tree groves, cashew trees, cacao, and ginger plants.

Some teenagers in our group climbed behind the falls to jump off the cliff’s edge. A few turned around, terrified and crying. Be cautious.


Ginger Plant


Destruction in a boatyard after hurricane Iva.

We ran to Venezuela to escape its wrath. No vessel survived. No leaf.


Landfall after an Atlantic Crossing from Africa.  The story is chronicled in my book, “Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa”.


Seven Sisters Falls.