Road trip to surf.

Jamaica is a sleigh ride passage from Florida through the Windward Passage. It is an easy passage between Cuba and Haiti. It is truly the thornless path to windward. We sailed into beautiful Port Antonio, a city on Jamaica’s northeast coast and the capital of Portland Parish. It’s known as a gateway to nearby tropical jungles, mountains and waterfalls. In the John Crow Mountains, Reach Falls flows into a river pool. Near Hope Bay, Somerset Falls flows on the grounds of a former plantation. In the east, the Blue Lagoon is known for its blue waters, fed by the Caribbean Sea and underground springs.


Somerset Falls was a great activity for the boys. A world class setting to chill out - take a swim and refresh ourselves. Spanish settlers occupied this property over 400 years ago and many of the original aqueducts and dams built by them are still visible today. 

The breath-taking waterfall is hidden in the rainforest, where the Daniels River plunges down a narrow gorge. We settled in for a lovely day of sunning, relaxing, and bathing in picture-perfect deep rock pools. 

We took a boat ride around the back falls and took a swim in the Somerset Falls and visited the caves. We also enjoyed seeing a fantastic collection of exotic birds. It was a stunning peak into Jamaica’s world of nature.


The boys a busride to the hot surfing spots of Jamaica with a buddy from the Bahamas who also grew up aboard a boat.


A morning walk in the countryside, surrounded by school children who appeared terrified of goats on a leash.  Me too!


Farmers market.


Port Antonio.


Street cafe.


Reggae artist.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande.