St. Lucia


Grand Piton

The Pitons are two volcanic plugs in a World Heritage Site in St. Lucia, linked by the Piton Mitan ridge. The two Piton Mountains are the most photographed landmark on the island. The larger of these two volcanic plugs is called the Gros Piton, while the other is the Petit Piton.

The Pitons are a famous tourist attractions for hikers and mountain climbers in St. Lucia. These mountains are located near the towns of Soufrière and Choiseul on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia. Located at the top of the Piton Mitan Ridge is the Ladera Hotel which offers a view over Piton Bay.

The Central Forest Reserve is a great way to explore inland and have a bit of adventure.  Parrots swoop amongst the giant trees and leaves are a big as a car.


Adam and Warren had fun playing with the island boys on the beach.


Marigot Bay is located on the western coast of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, 3.75 miles southwest from Castries and a short distance from the Saint Lucian National Marine Reserve. It is surrounded on three sides by steep, forested hills.

Marigot Bay, located just south of the capital, Castries, is the perfect location for exploring the beautiful island of St Lucia, the “Helen of the West Indies”. Described by American Novelist, James A. Michener, as “the Most Beautiful Bay in The Caribbean” – Marigot is itself an oasis of calm.


Soufriere Pitons.