Turks and Caicos


Sapodillo Bay, Providenciales, Caicos

Sapodillo Bay offers a protected harbor while waiting out conditions to passage further southeast towards the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands.  Our sons completed homeschooling lessons in the morning and windsurfed in the afternoon, taking advantage of the gusty tradewinds.

Turks- -Caicos-bonfire

Grand Turk Anchorage

Free-diving and snorkeling are best in the Turks. We fell off the stern of our catmaaran to wander along a wall of coral that led deeper than we could free-dive. It’s a popular spot for Scuba divers.  

The anchorage is very well protected.  Most cruisers miss this island in a hurry to make further easting during favorable conditions. If you miss it on the way down, stop by on the way back north to the US mainland!


Haitian sailing vessel, passed en route to the islands.